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Preparing for Winter

old-man-winterAs we bid Summer goodbye and welcome the Fall on September 22, we are still enjoying many warm days. But time marches on and the closer we get to the start of Winter on December 21, the more we have to plan for chilly days and relying on our heating system to keep our homes warm and toasty.

What Does a Thermostat Do?

Consider the ever-present thermostat – a staple of American households for decades. It usually takes the shape of an unassuming box on the wall, but that modest device controls the comfort of your family on the coldest day in January and the hottest day in July.

A thermostat is a temperature-sensitive switch that controls a space conditioning unit or system, such as a furnace, air conditioner, or both. When the indoor temperature drops below or rises above the thermostat setting, the switch moves to the “on” position, and your furnace or air conditioner runs to warm or cool the house air to the setting you selected for your family’s comfort. A thermostat, in its simplest form, must be manually adjusted to change the indoor air temperature.