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The Virtues of a Clean Condenser Coil

One of the most notable and vital components of your air conditioning system is the condenser coil. Located outside the home in a dedicated condensing unit, the coil must withstand all of the elements and all of the airborne debris that it is exposed to. But the condenser coil must stand firm for the air conditioning system to function, because it serves as one of the key components affecting the system’s overall reliability, cost effectiveness, efficiency and lifespan.

As refrigerant in the indoor coil’s tubing absorbs heat from the air inside your home, it passes outside to the condenser unit where the fan blows air over the outdoor coil, extracting, releasing and expelling heat from the system. Every step in the process matters, but the condenser coil in the outdoor unit faces a particular set of factors that can foul it and reduce its ability to disperse the heat that the blower fan pulls from the tubing.

A clean condenser coil extracts more heat from the system in a shorter time frame, thus more capable of attaining the peak energy efficiency that the system can achieve and maintaining your home’s cooling at the level you set. Your air conditioning system’s expected lifespan also depends on the optimal efficiency and effectiveness that a clean condenser coil ensures.

The best time to call your air conditioning professionals for annual inspection, maintenance and cleaning of the system is the off-season, when you don’t depend on the system for cooling. Call us or contact us through our online form to schedule service and take a look at our Service Pledges to see what other benefits you enjoy as part of one of our service contracts.