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Package Unit vs. Split System

Roof Mount

A package unit installed on a roof mount, which is used for heavier units or steep roofs.

A package unit is a self-contained air conditioning appliance that typically is mounted on the roof of your home. In contrast, a configuration consisting of both outdoor and indoor components is a split system; the outdoor housing with the compressor and condenser typically sits at ground level next to your home, while the indoor components include the evaporator and are typically tucked away in the attic or a closet.

Each type has its advantages and drawbacks, but at Comfort Control Heating and Air Conditioning, our experience covers both and we can advise you as to which is best suited your home as well as which best addresses to your needs.

The advantages of a package unit stem from its comparative simplicity and compartmentalized design: there is just one unit to install, one site to diagnose when problems arise and one set of machinery to repair. These advantages come at the cost of reduced efficiency compared to split systems, and the potential for fouling and damage due to exposure to the elements and animals seeking refuge and a secluded nesting area.

On the other hand, split systems are inherently more complex and thus more expensive to install, diagnose and maintain, but they attain higher efficiency and benefit from more protection. Split systems are not as self-contained but are more customized to your home’s specific conditions and can be fine-tuned to them; you will need to rely on the expertise of your heating and cooling professionals, but your system will last longer and work at peak efficiency because of it.

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