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Satisfy Varying Degrees of Comfort with Temperature Zoning

When multiple people occupy a home, frequently one person’s sensation of comfort is another’s sensation of uncomfortable cold or warmth. When two such occupants share the same room at the same time, they will arrive at solutions such as adjustment and compromise. However, contemporary heating and cooling systems also acknowledge that different temperatures may be called for in different rooms of a single home. Alternatively, different rooms may be exposed to different conditions and thus require more or less heating and cooling than others to achieve optimal climate conditions. The solution in these situations is zoning.

There are two fundamental aspects that enable temperature zoning in different rooms and areas in a house: multiple, linked controls and dampers in the duct work. Each room or area that receives different treatment to others must have its own, individual thermostat control, while the centralized monitors and manages the whole system of linked thermostats throughout the structure. Away from view, within the duct work, the system opens and closes dampers that regulate the airflow to the various rooms that the system maintains.

The end result is a complex automatic network of airflow management. Temperature zoning works well for certain homes and under specific conditions. When installed and operated well, a zoned system can provide significant savings over a single-thermostat system. Consult Comfort Control to analyze and optimize your heating and cooling system for the best balance of climate control, energy efficiency and cost.