Comfort Control

Comfort Control Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.

“work ethic and quality of workmanship”

I am writing this recommendation letter in support of the wonderful work I received from Comfort Control. They installed my solar system on my home during the hardest rainy seasons I can remember in a very long time. I have had no leaks or issues with the install. I have the stainless steel frames because the panels are on the front of my home. I don’t even notice them now.

Comfort Control also installed two furnaces in my home and did such an awesome job, I gave them my solar job. I was hesitant about getting solar, but my confidence in Comfort Control’s work ethic and quality of workmanship sold me. I have never written to the Better Business Bureau and gave a top rating recommendation until I worked with¬†Cecil and Comfort Control.¬†


Bill Woodel