Comfort Control

Comfort Control Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.

“excellence was the hallmark of the work”

I moved to the Placerville area during early spring 2010 from another foothill location, where folks knew each other, and doing sub-standard service did not happened twice. I was shocked by the service, both quality and price, that I received from a local heating and A/C contractor whom I contacted to service the system at my home.

I finally had to look for another professional organization, and I selected a company, whose trucks I often seen in my neighborhood Comfort Control Heating A/C and Solar.

I was pleasantly surprised how prompt technician, the owner of the company came, spent time explaining the shortcomings of the existing system and provided estimate, technical information and schedule of the work he proposed to perform. I am retired from construction and I had the chance to check his proposal with formal work associates.

After signing the contract, the work was performed by technicians who were very polite and knowledgeable. After the new heating and A/C system was installed, the owner himself came by my home and inspected that everything was done according to the plans, specifications and the contract.

After six months, when I decided to have a solar system installed, I again selected Comfort Control Heating A/C and Solar. The work was performed, in the same professional manner.

From the office employees, who coordinated the County permits, inspections and the PG&E paperwork to the technicians, excellence was the hallmark of the work performed by Comfort Control Heating A/C and Solar. Thank you!

Violet Jakab