Comfort Control

Comfort Control Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.


Temperature Fidelity

The effectiveness of insulation in can be rated in how well rooms you want cool stay cool and rooms you want warm stay warm. Whether it’s in the walls or wrapped around ducts, insulation that falls short of the task can be measured with instruments that quantify how much heat is lost or gained. A well insulated building will leverage the capacity of the heating and cooling system and yield savings in your energy bills.

Pledge: We will assess the state of your insulation and how well it keeps air the temperature you set.

Moisture Control

Insulation mitigates condensation that could encourage microbial and fungal growth, and lead to rot, rusting and other types of building damage. The right kind of insulation in the right thickness can play a pivotal role in minimizing undesirable condensation and managing the level of moisture that your home should be able to retain.

Pledge: We will ensure your insulation handles moisture effectively.

Muffling Noise

Walls conduct sound from outside your home, between rooms, and from inside the home out into public spaces. Connected to the machinery of your heating and cooling system, ducts also may transmit noise audibly throughout your home. Insulation serves to dampen sound that could otherwise pass through walls, and muffle the noise that could otherwise be emitted through your vents.

Pledge: We will detect acoustically compromised or inadequate insulation and advise you on how you can abate noise more effectively with the right kind and application of insulation.